Deliver Fire Warden & Emergency Control organisations training programme.

AFS are the selected training partner for ANSTO for Work Health & Safety programmes. One project that is currently in progress is to schedule and deliver a programme where the objective is to design an ANSTO purpose built course set and to ensure all appropriate employees become competent and qualified.

330 Participants
On site by authorised training officer
Medium Tier 1

AFS' Role

  • Appointed as ANSTO compliance training supplier.
  • Supply qualified trainer to design and deliver site specific PUAFER005.
  • Operate as part of an emergency control organisation & PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation.
  • Safety Management

Quality Assurance

  • AFS Group select and approve the most qualified and experienced trainer to deliver group training.
  • Dedicated ANSTO Project Management team to ensure course delivery and timely processing of accreditation for all participants.
  • Training Administration schedule to ensure all qualifications are current and compliant
  • Management team available and accessible, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery


  • All 330 Employees who are assigned as Emergency Wardens for their respective division will have participated and successfully completed the ANSTO specific courses by June 2023.

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