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Community Engagement

Creating positive, sustainable communities that enhance both the estate and developer brand.

When a buyer chooses to purchase a home or lease a property in your estate they are choosing a lifestyle that in part has been created by you in the Master Plan of your development. Community Engagement programs bring this lifestyle alive, creating an emotional connection for residents to their homes and adding value for potential buyers.

Community Engagement | Events | Wider Community Connection

As the community develops, our programs are adapted to reflect the current lifestyle and flow of the community.

Increase engagement with your residents as well as ensuring a connection with the wider community. 

Our Community Engagement programs tailor a range of strategies and actions that are best suited to all stages of your development.

Communication is one of the most basic and yet highly regarded methods of engagement. It makes people feel valued, informed and connected –  yet not everyone does it well. AFS has a known track record of clear communication, community involvement, reporting and accountability.

We ensure that you are constantly kept updated with what goes on, in and around the estate, whilst incorporating feedback from all the residents and the local communities.

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