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Concierge Services

Our concierge staff are trained to deliver a professional approach and a welcoming environment.

Our aim is to provide seamless services in a safe and secure environment for our residents to ensure they enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.


AFS offers comprehensive concierge services tailored to the specific needs of each building. We offer a meet and greet service to guests and staff. We can also assist with screening, providing information and resident assistance adding a human touch. We liaise closely with building committees and strata managers to ensure our concierge is providing the best level of care for our residents.


Our professional, engaging and informative staff possess excellent organisational skills and business etiquette to deliver a positive customer experience. Our prestigious retail, corporate and hospitality clients benefit from the seamless service and reliable staff who take the time to establish rapport, understand our clients’ needs, gain trust and deliver the required outcomes.

Training Inclusions

  • Explaining systems and bylaws to residents

  • Emergency procedures

  • Key access and intercom access control

  • Monitoring and coordinating service access

  • Parcel delivery

  • Visitor parking and information

  • Trades’ access

  • Providing information and assistance with a friendly smile

  • Additional staff trained to ensure continuous coverage

  • Virtual and/or ground concierge dedicated to your property

  • Trained concierge staff based locally

  • Optional errand running service

  • Transparent and flexible reporting systems

  • Security and confidentiality assured

  • Supervision of all entry and exit points to the building and maintaining all related records

  • Escorting visitors

  • After-hours telephone

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