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Electronic Security

Electronic solutions to manage your security as monitoring.

At AFS Security we only use the high-quality computerised receiving equipment as set out in Australian Standard AS2201. AFS Security provides leading-edge technology coupled with integrated security systems to deliver cost-effective electronic security solutions.

Alarm Monitoring

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Internet Protocol (IP) and digital systems

  • Network video systems and video storage solutions

  • Access control systems

  • IP based intercom systems

  • Duress, plant and intruder alarms

  • We provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alarm Systems

AFS Security offers a variety of alarm solutions ranging from off the shelf products to customised fully integrated systems to meet any requirement.  Our technicians can provide you with the most effective and realistic solution to your alarm needs both at home or at work.


At AFS Security we keep in line with the constant advancements in the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Digital Video Recording (DVR) areas. At AFS Security we recognise that it is not only in the security area that they are essential but also in workers' compensation cases, fraud cases and workplace safety issues. We can be of assistance with all.

Access Control Systems

Your access control system is as equally important as your alarm system. AFS Security will ensure that the right access control system is implemented for your facility. Our technicians have designed and installed access control systems for every situation from private homes to international airports. Controlling the access of staff, visitors and the general public on site is only part of what an access control system can provide today. Access control systems can also provide:

  • Protection of equipment

  • Biometric integration

  • Alarm monitoring – intruder, duress and or plant

  • Tracking of personnel around a site

  • Auditing capability

  • Induction and licencing verification

  • Visitor management recording

  • Integration with CCTV systems

Maintenance Plans & Servicing

Your security system is an asset and should be treated as one. It needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it is kept in perfect working order. Regular maintenance can reduce the need for repairs and increase the life of your system not to mention ensuring it works when it is required. We schedule your maintenance needs on our system and send you a reminder and book it in for you. We take care of the whole process for you and provide a report after each service.

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