Hospitality Specific Training

Australian Frontline Solutions offers a range of training courses to improve and develop skills at both an individual and company level for the hospitality industry. Employers will benefit from increased productivity and professional service from their staff.

Courses are run in a workshop format over one or two days depending on the content required. They can be tailored to address the specific requirements of your business.

Hospitality Training Topics


  • Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • Food Safety Supervisor

  • Hospitality Venue Safety - Tailored safety and risk mitigation training focused on hospitality venues and staff. 

  • Concierge protocols

  • Customer Service - Includes dealing with difficult people and conflict resolution and telephones procedures.

  • Telephone Procedures - Strategies for improving your safety, the safety of your staff and how to respond to calls for emergency evacuations reducing the risk of bomb threats and how to respond to such calls and the processes and procedures involved.