The PainPod M is a 3 in 1 ultra-wearable device for relief of pain using the latest advances in
microcurrent painless treatment technology to accelerate recovery & reduce various pain
symptoms. Every tissue type in the body has its own electrical frequency, a
naturally-occurring microcurrent that can be disrupted by injury or disease. The microcurrent
therapy engineered in the PainPod M-Cycle mimics and restores the human body�s naturally
occurring microcurrent to effect recovery.
At one-millionth of an ampere, the current restores normal frequencies at a cellular level,
proven to improve pain, reduce inflammation and increase function. The M also has a
Bi-Stim booster which stimulates the nervous system and provides analgesic relief through a
low intensity formulation of TENS and EMS.

PainPod Mi (M)