Pro Touch

The Hidow Pro Touch is a wireless device that uses bluetooth receivers, minimising the need for wires during treatment. It has 12 therapy modes which contain TENS & EMS and can
operate up to 6 receivers at a time, so perfect for the whole family. It is sold with two receivers + a range of different sized pads and is compatible with all PainPod accessories
except the Foot Pads (adaptors will be available soon) and Heat Pad.


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Product Description

Hidow’s newest multi-stim model; the Pro Touch Wireless is a premium Electronic Muscle Stimulator which features a touch screen and is wire free!

Experience TENS and EMS at home, on the go, during exercise or workout, or while performing simple tasks.. all while the device itself can be stored meters away from you and your activities!

Use Pro Touch Wireless for:
Musculoskeletal pain

Dental pain
Blood circulation
Cramping pain
Muscle strengthening
Post surgery nerve stimulation
General aches and pains

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