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Our Workplace Safety Training and assessment programmes are designed to suit your requirments.  AFS Group training follows strict COVID-19 protocols for safety.  Many of our courses are now designed with flexibile delivery and the ability for self-paced learning.  Get in touch to see how we can design a solution for your workplace.

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Course Set – Facility Fire Safety

Course Set – Facility Fire Safety (PUAFER001, PUAFER002, PUAFER004, PUAFER005, PUAFER006, PUAFER008)

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Woman Wearing Helmet and Safety Vest

CPCWHS1001 QLD – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

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Manage Emergency Situations

PUAFER001 -Identify, prevent and report potential facility emergency situations

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Implement Emergency Procedures

PUAFER002 – Ensure facility emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented

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Respond to facility emergencies

PUAFER004 – Respond to facility emergencies

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Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

PUAFER005 – Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

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Lead an Emergency Control Organisation

PUAFER006 – Lead an emergency control organisation

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Confine Small Emergencies In A Facility

PUAFER008 – Confine Small Emergencies In A Facility

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Important - Unique Student Identifier (USI)

If you are undertaking nationally recognised training it is required that you have a USI. All WHS/Fire & Emergency nationally recognised ​

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Under the legislation, training organisations can only issue certification when they have received your USI. APPLY NOW

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