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AFS Group has partnered with Gardian to provide the best 'at home' Rapid Antigen Test kits available

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What is Gardian Test tracker?
Gardian Test Tracker is an encrypted cloud-based software platform that helps you through your COVID-19 testing procedure at your workplace. The software manages registration, capture of consent, testing workflow, results notification and reporting. The solution is used for Rapid Antigen Testing or onsite PCR testing. Test results are automatically sent via text message and emailed to everyone undertaking a test. Gardian Test Tracker complies with TGA's medical data capture requirements, AMA Code of Ethics and Privacy, the Data Privacy Act 1988, and the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. (Test result data is medical data and needs to be held securely and comply with the AMA Code of Ethics, and Australian Privacy Principals)

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Rapid Antigen Tests

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Abbott Pabbio Self Test