Safety Leadership

Ensuring your plans are sound for the safety of people and places within any workplace or activation

With safety being at the core of AFS Group it is no surprise that strategic security has evolved into one of our core divisions.

With well over 30 years of frontline security experience under our belt, we are currently considered one of the select few companies in the nation who have the capability and capacity to deliver these speciality services.

In our Safety Leadership Division, we excel in three core services:

Major Events, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Security

Choose AFS Group's Safety Leadership Division for transparent, expert, and dedicated safety and compliance solutions that safeguard your brand and create a safer environment for people and places.

How We Can Help You

We work with you as your project managers, safety auditors, risk mitigators, security consultants and more, working and innovating collaboratively to deliver smooth operations.

Our process is to make it simple for you by deploying the appropriate expert to review and assessany element of a plan or project.


Our commitment to delivering the highest calibre personnel and engaging with the latest technologies, ensure our clients only ever receive a world class service.

Australian Frontline Solutions delivers unequalled service for:

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As event strategy leaders, we run emergency scenarios, establish strategic contingency plans, and optimiSe risk and crowd management to ensure seamless operations at major public events, entertainment venues, and sporting arenas.

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Our WHS services reduce workplace risks, minimise injuries, and enhance compliance.

We can provide audits, assessments supported with robust and management programme design services.


With Master Licenses in NSW and QLD, we deliver rigorous and balanced security solutions. Our expertise in emergency response and hostile vehicle mitigation ensures secure environments for crowded spaces, businesses, and government entities.

When Safety Matters

For over 30 years, the AFS Group has been providing  Safety Leadership, Workplace Health & Safety and Compliance Services, Public and Workplace Training to individuals and businesses across all sectors.

Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help you or your business and protect what matters most