Safety Leadership

Ensuring your plans are sound for the safety of people and places within any workplace or activation

Choosing Australian Frontline Solutions means partnering with a proven leader in Safety Leadership, delivering tailored Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team excels in conducting comprehensive analysis of WHS risk profiles and developing manageable strategies that align with your organisational objectives while ensuring compliance with regulations.

In our Safety Leadership Division, we excel in three core services:

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), Major Events and Safety & Security

Why Choose AFS Group?
Proven track record in safety leadership and risk management for large-scale events and venues.
WHS solutions to meet specific needs of corporate and government organisations.
Rigorous analysis of WHS risk profiles and development of manageable strategies.
Collaborative approach and commitment to excellence in Safety Leadership.

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Elevate The Safety Leadership in your organisation with AFS Group

At AFS Group, we understand that safety leadership is paramount for corporate and government organisations. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to address your safety challenges effectively while ensuring compliance with evolving legislation, including the recent focus on the management of  Psychological Safety in the workplace.

5 Key Steps to Develop Safety Leaders, Reduce Injuries, and Protect Operations:
Communicating Expectations - Establish clear safety expectations through effective control measures, clear and concise communication, proactive safety plans, and accountability measures. Our experts guide you in implementing safety management systems by applying effective control measures to your process and utilising risk assessment tools to make informed decisions.
Assessing Risks and Hazards - Identify and manage potential hazards to prevent incidents. Our thorough risk assessment strategies and continuous improvement initiatives ensure a proactive approach to safety.
Reinforcing Safe Behaviours - Foster a culture of safety by reinforcing learned behaviours and compliance with EHS standards. Our programs emphasise ongoing reinforcement and positive feedback to prevent recurrence of unsafe practices.
Engaging Employees - Build strong relationships with employees to ensure their active involvement in safety efforts. We promote open communication and provide mechanisms for reporting concerns without fear of retaliation.
Being Skilled and Competent - Evaluate and develop safety leaders against defined competencies. Our training programs help leaders achieve competence in key dimensions, ensuring effective safety leadership.
What are the Benefits of Safety Leadership?
Investing in safety leadership protects employees and also yields financial and operational benefits. Studies show that effective safety programs result in significant cost savings and productivity improvements.

By partnering with AFS Group  you can cultivate a proactive culture of safety excellence and reap the rewards of reduced injuries and enhanced performance.

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Australian Frontline Solutions is one of the nation's most respected provider for:

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As event strategy leaders, we run emergency scenarios, establish strategic contingency plans, and optimise risk and crowd management to ensure seamless operations at major public events, entertainment venues, and sporting arenas.

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Our WHS services reduce workplace risks, minimise injuries, and enhance compliance.

We can provide risk profile audits, assessments supported with robust and manageable programme design services.


With Master Licenses in NSW and QLD, AFS Group is a leading provider of risk management services, with a proven track record of ensuring the safety and security of large-scale events and venues. Our team comprises highly trained professionals with extensive experience in risk assessment, emergency response planning, crowd management, and security operations.

When Safety Matters

For over 30 years, the AFS Group has been providing  Safety Leadership, Workplace Health & Safety and Compliance Services, Public and Workplace Training to individuals and businesses across all sectors.

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