Specialised Event Services

AFS  provides protection for individuals or groups, offering highly trained and experienced security specialists for venues and events. These specialists have excellent communication skills, are very well presented and appropriately attired for you event, able to adapt to any situation to minimise risk or threats to your assets, personnel or property.

Focusing on high-levels of customer service, professionalism and expertise, we deliver you a solution that is tailored to your individual event and will exceed your expectations.

Our specialised services provide solutions for:

Security Risk & Assessment

AFS senior security advisors are amongst the most highly qualified and experienced experts in the nation.  We have the capability to hand select the most appropriate advisor for the particular project or event.  Our purpose is to ensure all elements are of any event has the most detailed plan with the most qualified personnel assigned to each element.

Close Personal Protection & Chaperone

Our PPT are amongst the most highly decorated and experienced security personnel in the nation.

Your dedicated and highly qualified security chaperone will ensure your travel plans and activity are safe and secure. 

If it is safety or discretion you are looking for while you travel, then look no further.

Concierge & Transportation

When your travel requires someone to support you with your business matters and travel itinerary, our Concierge and Transportation ensures that you are prepared and organised for as little or as much as you need for your trip.

Qualified First Aid & Medic

Our experienced and qualified medical first responders are capable of creating a medical clinic at events of all types. These medics are equipped to manage and triage injury and incidents to ensure peace of mind of event organisers and safety of all patrons.

Many of our first responders are also qualified training presenters in first aid, safety and fire.

As a training organisation, our medical team are required to maintain competency in all of their qualifications and also adhere to our strict policy of practical and hands on experience.

Event Commandment

Our expert Event Commanders are experienced and qualified to assess risk and manage critical incidents during any event.

The role we assume is to lead all  response efforts, we are equipped to take swift and critical decisions under pressure and coordinate teams.

Critical to the role of our Event Commanders is the ability to be effective in communication, assessment, action plan creation, delegation and coordination.

Advance Reconnaissance

Our PPT are amongst the most highly decorated and experienced security personnel in the nation.

For our guests that are hold safety and security with high importance, we are able to engage our experienced personal protection team (PPT) to assess possible risks to venues, attractions, meeting places and events.

Security Guards & Supervisors

Our security guards are amongst the most highly experienced security specialists in the nation. 

Our team are trained to assess and mitigate all levels of risk.  We ensure their area of responsibility is managed and deemed safe for you and your event guests ahead of time.

They specialise in managing volatile situations discreetly and effectively to avoid stress that is associated with volatile situations.

24/7 monitoring and response can be offered for the duration of your journey.

Event Logistics

Aside from the obvious planning for lighting, food & beverage and waste removal.  There is so much more to consider in terms of logistics when it comes to safety and risk

By engaging the AFS team for your Event Security Logistics, you’ll ensure the safety of your guests and staff and prevent damage to the venue. 

  • Site Strategy – You must have a plan for each individual site. We will consider each and every entry and exit points. In some cases we will create them to ensure the safety of all patrons and the public in the case of an evacuation. 
  • Communication Plan – We create a sound plan to ensure the appropriate people are kept informed of relevant information. Guards and concierge uniforms, signage and traffic direction are all critical elements to consider.
  • Staff Training – Managing a timeline of recruitment, rostering and management of staff and role clarity is critical to the success of any event
  • Traffic & Crowd Planning – We manage all key stakeholders to ensure the event surrounds and the public areas are managed at an optimum. 


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