Security Training

AFS trainers are ex-police and ex-military with an abundance of experience to help you get accredited within the security industry.

All training conducted by AFS Group is done following strict COVID-19 protocols and is constantly being reviewed to ensure the safety of our students and trainers at all times. Personal protective equipment is available to all students to help minimise any risk of infection as well as thorough cleaning of all equipment used for training. If you feel in any way unwell or believe you may have been exposed or in the company of someone who potentially has been exposed please do not attend your scheduled course. Notify us immediately and we will endeavour to reschedule your training to another time. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Online Training


  • Armed Hold Up Response

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Crime Prevention and Retail Security

  • Customer Service and Dealing with Difficult People for Crowd Controllers

  • Emergency Response

  • Incident Investigation and Incident Response

  • TBT Telephone bomb threat awareness training

  • X-Screen X-Ray Image Interpretation Training

  • X-PSAX-Ray Pre-Selection Assessment

  • CST Checkpoint Security Training

  • FSA Fire Safety Awareness

  • GSAT General Security Awareness Training

  • MTA Mailroom Threat Awareness

  • STAS Security Training for Airport Suppliers

  • STKC Security Training for Know Consignors

  • STP Standard Test Piece

  • CST:ESS Checkpoint Security Training: Events & Secure Sites

  • SST Spectator Safety

  • Cash in transit strategies - Creating strategies designed to protect businesses and reduce risks associated with handling cash and valuables.

  • Armed Hold Up response - Strategies for improving your safety, the safety of your staff and for reducing risk of armed robberies.

  • Lock-down Procedures - Strategies for improving your safety, the safety of your staff and for reducing risk caused by harmful intruders. 

  • ‚ÄčSecurity awareness for events - Safety and security awareness training for the events industry. Includes risk mitigation, liability and contingency planning.