AFS & Sports Marketing Australia

As a trusted partner of Sports Marketing Australia, AFS is proud to extend VIP service and exclusive preferred partner rates including specialist First Aid Training courses. The partners program offers increased revenue streams plus access to quality products and services with national and international brands. Significant discounts and commissions are available. to all SMA members and associates.

Our Featured Event Management Services:
Event Management Planning and Processes

Security Procedures and Protocols

Incident & Emergency Response Management

Why Choose AFS?

The AFS Group offers an Events Strategy Service that guarantees peace of mind and brand protection for Event Owners, provided by a trusted safety, risk, and training company.

Choosing AFS Group ensures a partnership with a proven track record in Safety Leadership, delivering tailored safety and risk solutions for workplace, onsite, offsite, and mobile environments. Their capability and delivery scope apply to any event operation.

The AFS Group works with project managers, safety auditors, risk mitigators, security consultants, and other professionals, collaborating at all levels to deliver smooth operations when it comes to events. Their professional team collaborates with clients to keep communities, workplaces, and public spaces safe.

Become competent and confident for the Safety of your event or workplace!