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Secure Tours and Travel provides chaperone and security services for travelling students participating in educational, performance and athletic events.


Our specialised services provide solutions for:

Close Personal Protection & Chaperone

Our PPT are amongst the most highly decorated and experienced security personnel in the nation.

Your dedicated and highly qualified security chaperone will ensure your travel plans and activity are safe and secure. 

If it is safety or discretion you are looking for while you travel, then look no further.

Concierge & Transportation

When your travel requires someone to support you with your business matters and travel itinerary, our Concierge and Transportation ensures that you are prepared and organised for as little or as much as you need for your trip.

Experienced Drivers

All AFS drivers are hand selected for each engagement.  We ensure you are provided with the most appropriately qualified and professional drivers to suit your travel plans.

Private Terminal Facilities

We have privately secured suites that our clients are able to access at airport terminals.  These suites are complete with options of luxury facilities. 

These exceptional facilities are perfectly designed for corporate travellers requiring exclusive meeting rooms and groups or individuals looking for discretion or privacy during transit.

Itinerary Risk & Response Management

Our personal protection team (PPT) are amongst the most highly decorated security specialists in the nation. 

Our team are trained to assess and mitigate all levels of risk.  We can ensure your itinerary is managed and deemed safe for you and your companions ahead of time and if required, 24/7 monitoring and response can be offered for the duration of your journey.

Translation & Interpreter Services

We have an exclusive translation and interpreter service available to any of our guests.  This service is tailored for individual needs and is essential and ideally booked ahead of time to ensure provision of suitability along with the highest level of service.


Student Travel and Group Excursions

Travel provides young people with so many positive outcomes that are such an important part of their development.

Safety while traveling is an important aspect of every student’s travel experience. Similarly peace of mind is essential for parents in order to feel confident in their children’s journey.

Our S.T.A.G.E. teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals. They come from diverse backgrounds including former police officers, military personnel, former athletes and security specialists who have been vetted and specifically trained to work with children and young adults.

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7 reasons S.T.A.G.E. is your solution for the safety of travelling students

Our Executive Level Service is designed specifically with our professional and corporate clients in mind. This is ideal for our clients looking for a seamless, hassle-free express experience enabling them to focus on their intended business.

  • All chaperones are run through our stringent safety and background protocols and checks
  • Standard practices ensure the itinerary and venues are screened in advance and ongoing as required
  • Dedicated chaperone providing complete and seamless transition from point to point
  • We operate locally, nationally and internationally giving a complete end to end service capability
  • Our chaperones are amongs the most highly qualified and experienced professionals in the nation
  • We have the flexbility and ability to adjust our supervision levels rapidly as required
  • AFS provide are your trusted safety advisors and supervisors for Student Travellers

Important to note:

All of these exclusive services are available for either air or sea port arrivals or departures.

All transfer services can be tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Additional services
Secure Tours and Travel Solutions, Corporate & Executive Level Services & Premium Guest Management Services.

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